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2021 Donors

The MISSION of the National CARES Mentoring Movement is to secure, heal and transform the lives of impoverished Black children by inspiring, recruiting and mobilizing masses of caring Black men and women to mentor and nourish them. Our national volunteer affiliate network connects adults to local youth-serving organizations. Our national group-mentoring programs focus on the emotional, social and academic development of our children and the wellness of the adults who parent, mentor and educate them.

This year for #GiveMiamiDay, we had some donors that  we would love to highlight. They were very generous to give and we want to acknowledge them for that. Thank you!

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Here's an opportunity to help make college preparation simple and straight forward by offering strategic guidance to students and their parents in order to navigate through the college application process.

"Success is where hard work meets preparation"

Note to parents and aspiring young people: 

The key to getting into the college of your dreams is preparation. Furthermore, you can strengthen your scholarship-awareness just by clicking the image above and getting in touch with Dr. Khia Thomas… she can help you get there and avoid student debt as much as possible...

Click here to see an interview of Dr. Khia Thomas for an in depth look at her program.

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