Blessings to you and your family,

This season of thanksgiving is a favorite time of year for many of us. Even with our many challenges—personal, professional and worldly, it’s the time of year that asks us to remember all that we are grateful for. We can put aside the unnecessary, take the moments needed to sit in the quiet, still ourselves, to breathe and just be. Moving at a pace of grace, puts us at peace. Our greatest challenge is to be loving in what seems like a loveless world. To be it, and bring it!

We have a mighty history of mutuality and a tradition of excellence, built by can-do, must-do people whose legacies both guide and sustain us. And we have thousands of children in our midst who both tell us and show us that but for the work we do, they would not thrive. On January 30th we will host our second annual For the Love of Our Children Gala in NYC, and announce our $10 million campaign to replicate The Rising: Elevating Education, Expectations and Self-Esteem, the culturally grounded, healing initiative that is built to transform schools that are failing our beloved children--the most harmed young ones in the nation.

We will restore our babies, help them elevate their lives. And we are ever-grateful to you for being in the vanguard of this community-recovery effort. It is more than a mission. It is a mandate, and a battle we will win! On behalf of the more than 200,000 young ones we now serve, we thank you for standing with us. And we ask that you be at the ready as we enter the next phase, undaunted and unafraid, even as our nation treads these uncertain waters. Our children need us now more than ever.

But for today, thanksgiving praises to you, a treasured believer that breaking the cycle of  generational Black poverty is possible. Bless you for making this life-giving work possible.

Happy Thanksgiving,


National CARES Mentoring Movement Chivonne, Stephen, asha, Jayne, Debra, Chris and Erin

South Florida CARES Mentoring Movement | Tracey, Cerise, Octavia, Nadiam, Agnes and Erika