Thoughts on poetry - Jazmin Pavon

If you participated in the Teen Poetry Workshop led by Chasity Hale, then chances are you noticed me hanging around. I commend each and every one of you that used the opportunity to express your concerns and strengthen your voice.

Poetry is such a beautiful and powerful form of writing. It's personally my genre of choice. I highly encourage each of you to delve into writing poetry even if you don't think it's something that you'll want to do forever.

I began writing poetry in middle school. At the time, I faced stressful circumstances and began to fill with fearful thoughts and hatred. Poetry allowed me to positively release my emotions and has shaped me into the person that I am today. I have since then stopped writing poetry as often but continue to appreciate it as an art.

I created this blog for your portal so that you can share your poetry with each other. On the sidebar, you will notice a button that says 'CONTACT US.' You can use the form to share poetry you have written, read recently, or even ask questions. The CARES team will attempt to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. You can even message us anonymously if you wish!

Have a great day, Teen Poets.